Zack Davis


Player Email
Player Mobile Phone 609-549-1468
Player Height 6 feet 7 inches
High School Uniform Number 23
Rio Uniform Number 20
Player Shoe Size 13
Rankings and Awards One of's top freshman as well as the same listing from other sites.
Current Position Wing
Projected College Position Wing
Player Social Media Handles instagram-zackdavis___ twitter-ZackDav86819678
High School GPA 3.7
SAT/ACT Scores -- -- --
Date of Birth 2004-12-03
Home Address 552 Coral Lane Manahawkin New Jersey 08050
High_School Ranney School
Year of High School Graduation 2023
High School Coach Assistant Coach John Tierney-732-687-2076
Team Rio Coach Sean Tague
Team Rio Coach Phone 732-272-7910
High School Coach Phone Assistant Coach John Tierney-732-687-2076
Parent Name Bill Davis
Parent Phone 609-289-2686
Parent Email
Anybody Else Assisting Your Recruiting No
Desired Level of College Basketball High Major Division I Mid Major Division I Low Major Division I Ivy League/Patriot League/High Academic Division I
Current College Offers None
Most Active Schools Recruiting You Colgate expressed interest and attended a practice.
Schools That_You Want to Recruit You ULCA Florida Villanova Maryland Seton Hall Rutgers Arizona Oregon Colgate USC Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Xavier Illinois Miami Florida St. Auburn St. John's Butler Baylor Virginia Iowa Iowa St. Indiana Michigan Harvard Princeton Georgetown Purdue Providence San Diego St. LSU Temple Memphis. I am eager to hear about opportunities at these schools. While the listed schools are the schools that I researched and believe will be a great fit for me I am open to all schools and am happy to listen to what they have to offer.
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