Sara Coppola


Player Email
Player Mobile Phone 8565050504
Player Height 5'11''
High School Uniform Number 13
Rio Uniform Number -- -- --
Player Shoe Size 9
Rankings and Awards All Tournament Team SJIBT
Current Position Wing
Projected College Position Wing
Player Social Media Handles Twitter: sara_coppola_
High School GPA 3.73
SAT/ACT Scores 1220
Date of Birth 2020-01-29
Home Address 4 Jamie Lane
High_School Moorestown Friends School
Year of High School Graduation 2021
High School Coach
Team Rio Coach -- -- --
Team Rio Coach Phone -- -- --
High School Coach Phone
Parent Name Maria Coppola
Parent Phone 8569060465
Parent Email
Anybody Else Assisting Your Recruiting -- -- --
Desired Level of College Basketball Mid Major Division I Low Major Division I
Current College Offers -- -- --
Most Active Schools Recruiting You UAlbany Columbia Wagner
Schools That_You Want to Recruit You UAlbany Wagner Bucknell Xavier
Highlight Link or Game Film 1
Highlight Link or Game Film 2
Highlight Link or Game Film 3
Boy or Girl Girl